Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recent Avaisms

I dont know who this child is but whoa. She cracks me up!

Me: Sweety you really need a nap, your eyes are all red!
Ava: *crosses her arms* My eyes are NOT red, they green!

Good point kiddo

While cuddling Trav says to Ava
"I love you, youre my baby"
Ava: I not a baby! I am youre BIG GIRL!

Again, good point.

The neighbors are throwing a stupid loud party and Ava walks outside and stomps her feet
"You shut up right now!"
I have this one on video, I just need to upload it.

While eating lunch
Me: Eat your cheese.
Ava: You eat your cheese or you cant be princess.
Me: I dont want to be a princess
Ava: I am the queen. Eat my cheese.

Apparently she likes to "set the scene" before she enters a room now.

*She shouts out from the other room*
"Mommy I am a ferocious beast and you are so scared. Hide from me"

While at the babysitters a Halloween commercial comes on and Ava turns to Sue and says "Oh thats so eerie"

Who the eff says eerie? Better question....what 2 year old says "eerie"??


Sara said...

OMG, she is too damn cute. Now, go eat your cheese, her highness has demanded it!

KJ said...

Too incredibly cute! For Halloween will she be the Queen or will she be ferocious and eerie!? Hilrious~ She's adorable as always.

jae said...

She's growing up so fast and talking like a pro. I hope you upload that video... that's awesome!