Friday, September 26, 2008

To the lady in the yellow shirt

Today was a hard one for Miss Ava. She had an accident at the babysitters so she did not get her special treat at the end of the day. This is the first time this has happened. It set her off. In a baaaad way.

She started screaming when she realized she wasn't getting her delicious sucker. She kept screaming in the car on the way to the store, through the parking lot and when we were getting our cart. That is when it got bad. She went into a rage.

Not a regular "Im mad" but a full on "I am angry" (which she shouted, a lot). Her body was rigid, her face was purple and I was trying to keep my cool.

At this point we were working on almost 40 minutes of screaming. I was looking for a allergen free laundry detergent. I was no longer looking up at other shoppers because they were giving me "that look" You know the one. The "What is wrong with your kid?" "What a bad mom" "Sooooo annoying" look.

A woman passed me and patted me on the shoulder. She didnt say much, but she said a lot. Lady in the yellow shirt. You saved my sanity for the day. Just when I was at a breaking point you reached out and showed a tiny shred of support, and I thank you for it.


Jess said...

Just when you think all people suck, then someone shows some true kindness. I'm glad she helped.

HomeSlice said...

thank god SOMEONE had a shred of humanity left in them. i am thanking her for you too.

jae said...

Ah man, that kind of tantrum just destroys the day. It's amazing that just a few words from a stranger can make it that much better.

Sara said...

As a mom who has had "that kid" a lot, those few words of encouragement and support are always awesome.

KJ said...

Oh, a big round of applause for yellow shirt lady~ I wish there were more yellow shirt ladies, and fewer of the evil-eye, clearly-your-dumb-ass-doean't-have-kids gawkers. Ugh.