Friday, July 18, 2008


My sister was in town for 10 days. She just left :(

We had a lot of fun and I am shocked at how wonderful she was with Ava.

Here are some funny faces


A pretty picture of "the Girls"

A drunk lady who stepped out of 1984 Jersey!

Aaaaand of course a few Ava pictures

And a video of Ava singing a Maroon 5 song

Before anyone yells at me for recording while driving....we were in line at the carwash. Also at the very end she whispers "I love you Mommy" Awwwwwwww


Christina said...

Aww, cute pictures! Darn work computer won't let me play the movies but I'll be sure to check at home.

Sara said...

Ok, Ava could not be any cuter if you tried. She was awesome. She should be in a lip-syncing competition today. She'd win hands down.

Jersey lady was Sweet! So wish I could have been there to see that in person!

Jess said...

Awwwww! Super cute photos! It looks like Auntie Em & Ava had a great time!

KJ said...

Oh how fun!!! I'm glad you and sis had such a great visit...and there's just something wonderful about seeing family members interact with our little ones, isn't there?
Ava singing is the cutest and I totally heard the whisper at the end...AWWWWW!!
Oh, and P.S. I LOVE your hair in the "pretty girls" pic. Love it!!

SoCalJenni said...

Ava was so cute singing, loved it.

Oh and the drunk Jersey lady, hands down the most awesome picture ever!

HomeSlice said...

sounds like you had a great time! and ava will get to see her auntie soon enough. and i'm looking forward to getting caught up on the phone girl!!!

Carla said...

emily...please don't ever make that face again. ever. ava is soo cute. one more week! by the way, did you ask that jersey lady where she got her outfit? i want it.

leaner said...

Wow... that outfit on drunk Jersey lady? Classic.

jae said...

Dude, drunk Jersey lady is so bad she's good. The phone clipped to her crushed velvet leggings is fuckin classy!

You guys look like you had a great time. I LOVE the photo of the three gorgeous girls the most ;)

Julia said...

Way cute. I don't even know Emimy and I'm sad I wasn't hanging out with you guys :)

Ohmo Thomas and Aunty Carla said...

ava should have lip synched that song at the wedding for us. it would have been deeeee-licious!
we miss you guys, it's too quiet around here. and we miss ava soooooooooo much. we miss her knocking on our bedroom door at 6am wanting to get the dogs. we miss giving her root beer. we miss her tiny sandals. we miss her out of control laughter. we miss watching her go outside through our doggie door. we miss her trying to punt frankie and hobbes and then saying sorry. they don't miss that though.
we love you guys!