Sunday, July 13, 2008

What an effin' day!! *Photo Heavy*

If someone asks me how I spent my Sunday.... this is what I would show them!

Morning Cuddles!

Then off to wake up Auntie Emimy


Silly time with Mommy and Daddy


Mmmmm breakfast!

"Lets rock Daddy!"

Then I colored my hair. It is "Espresso" with "midnight blue" bangs

Then we headed to the beach....


We searched for buried treasure


Mommy and Daddy went boarding while Ava and Emily stayed on the shore. Looking at the sand castle competition.

Trav and I are having a grand time and he yells out "OW!" This is strange because Travis doesnt normally yell OR show pain! I asked if he was ok and he said "no" Which of course scared the shit out of me. I asked what was wrong, he said something about being cut by a shark. I flip out of course. Then he tells me SHARP not SHARK. Ooooh! Well either way we should get out of the water (Living by mexico = fucking GROSS water!)

We get to the beach and there is blood EVERYWHERE! I go to the lifeguard station and they run over to check him out. They say that he has been stung by a stingray and he needs to head to the EMT station right away to soak his foot and make sure the paralytic proteins are removed from his foot. Emily is kind enough to take Ava home for us so I can stay with Trav. He soaks his foot and I realize he is ok. So I tell him that I am going to make sure Ava and Emily are OK and I will be back with a towel. Apparently as I am walking out the lifeguard says "He should be done before you get back" I did not hear this part.

I carry our boards back through the crowds of the sandcastle festival. Which is NOT an easy task considering there are a few thousand people within about 10 blocks. I get home and Ava asks if Daddy's Owie is OK. (so sweet) I change out of my sandy clothes and grab my camera and a towel (It was photo journal day!) I get to the first part of the festival and there is a road block. I BEG the sheriff to let me through. I explain that my boyfriend had been stung in the foot by a stingray and needed me to pick him up at the lifeguard station. Being the nice guy that he was.... he escorted me through the crowds.

Imagine this...

A few thousand people, plus street vendors. 1 cop telling everyone to move aside. My brakes are squealing like CRAZY. People are cringing I am totally humiliated. I show up the life guard station and walk to where Trav was. Its an empty room. The lifeguard says "Oh he left like 10 minutes ago" My reaction was sorta like this

*blank face* "Are you fucking kidding me? I got a police escort."

The lifeguard goes back outside and tells the cop that I am not a crazy liar and Trav left. The cop then has to walk me BACK through the street fair. I get home and there is Trav looking at me all happy. I guilt him a little (In a totally loving way) and tell him that I am just glad he is OK. Then he tells me that he is still bleeding.
This is his wrap from the lifeguard station to home. ***DONT LOOK CRISTINA***

This is his foot soaking in the tub.
You can see the swollen and discolored areas. Yuck!

So then it was nappy time for all while I watched a Discovery channel thing on mummys

I then realized that after you color your hair.... you shouldnt go in the ocean! It turns your hair green :( (Im going to re-dye it later)

After today, I did not feel like cooking.


I felt like drinking



Cathy said...

Holy crap on Travis and the stingray incident! But dude, you got a POLICE ESCORT. That's pretty cool. I'm glad Travis is ok. At least he has a cool stingray story to tell.

BTW, I love your brunette 'do. Even if it is a little greenish (you're so punk rock man).

Julia said...

Holy crapping cow! I'm glad Trav is okay. It was supposed to be a routine day in the life of Amanda! Go tell the stingray that, k?

I have to admit I'm laughing about the police escort and the lifeguard having to explain that you aren't a liar liar pants on fire.

Um, photos of the sandcastles? Screw Trav's foot!

jae said...

Jesus, that was an eventful day.

Did the lifeguard give him a lollipop? HEHE

Jess said...

Wow, that makes my day look even more boring! I'm just glad that Trav is alright, stung by a stingray, how many people can say that?!

Christina said...

Oh man, what a day! I can't believe Travis walked home on that hurt foot. Is he better today?

Glad the lifeguard vouched for you, otherwise we may be seeing pictures of the inside of a police station!

KJ said...

OMG scary!! Glad Trav is okay! That is one freakin' bloody mess! And...yay for good guy cops who escort those of us in need through crazy ass street fairs. What a day!

Lweeks said...

Holy shit Manda! I can picture you driving through that crowd with your squeaky brakes! LMAO You poor thing! Poor Trav. What a 'relaxing' Sunday you had. Glad he's alright.

Sara said...

I will seriously stay with my boring day. Holy crap what a day! Poor Trav. I would have given him more than a guilt trip.

Alicia said...

So did Travis actually walk home on his injured foot? Holy crap.

I'll take my grocery shopping/cleaning/cooking day over sting ray day anytime. Yikes.

Annita said...

Whew, I'd feel like drinking too.

HomeSlice said...

ewww crap. i just had to look, but thanks for the warning anyway. i had to feel trav's pain for myself. it was rank. poor travis. the police escort was really funny though :-) looks like you are having fun!!!

Kate said...

Dude, Travis is a rock star!! How many people are that cool and calm about getting stung by a sting ray??

SoCalJenni said...

YIKES, and that is why I don't do the ocean anymore! Hope Travis is feeling better.

By the way, I totally love Ava's Obama shirt!