Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 things.....If you're family you may not want to read.

From Uppercase Woman’s blog. She challenged her readers to blog about the five most defining moments of your life.

Im only 26, which doesnt seem very young or old. I dont feel like I have lived a whole lot so mine wont be horrible and heartbreaking. Sorry. :) These are in no particular order.

*****1 and 2 have been removed for personal reasons*****

3-12 pregnancy test and blood in my undies.

Yes thats right 12 tests. When I thought I might be pregnant, thats how many I took. They were all positive. I was in a panic. I called a few friends and cried. I was supposed to go shopping with my sister that day, when I got in the car she said "You're pregnant arent you" I was.

I told Dave a few days later. I called him at work and asked him to come over when he got off. He did and I told him. He said "How much do you want to get rid of it?" Not exactly what I wanted to hear. A few weeks later there was blood in my underwear, I realized at that exact moment, that I wanted this. I wasnt sure if I could do it, but I wanted it.

4- 18 hours of effin pushing for a screaming ball of chub

Having Ava sucked. You know those women who talk about how beautiful childbirth was? Idiots. I remember the doctor asking me if I wanted to see it in a mirror. NO! GOD NO! was my answer. It was an awful experience, I pushed and pushed. She got stuck, the doctor stuck both hands up in me rotated her and pushed her back slightly to release her shoulder from my pelvic bone (Yes even with drugs that was painful) I couldnt push anymore so the nurse had both feet on the wall next to my bed and was pushing on my stomach from the outside. Ava came out and had an Apgar score of 3 They rushed her away and then set to work on me. I lost 3 pints of blood. they pushed on my stomach for hours afterwards and *WARNING* lemon size blood clots were coming out. I went home the next day. She cried for 7 hours straight that night. I wanted to go back. She has obviously recovered, so have I. But it was NOT the most fun experience of my life.


Its no secret I met him online. I dont care what anyone thinks.

When we met I was pregnant, I didnt tell him at first. When i finally did he said he already knew. (stupid myspace comments) He wasnt 100% comfortable with it but it grew on him. We "met" when Ava was 5 weeks old. It was amazing. He gave me this kiss that was so full of self confidence I was blown away. No words, just the kiss. We did the back and forth thing from San Diego to Oregon for 6 months, then I packed up a truck and moved down here. Best thing I ever did. Not only for me but for Ava. I cant ever describe what he has done for me. He is the love of my life, and I am 100% happy with where we are.

6-The knife fight

Once in '79 I was in a knife fight with 23 Italian gangsters. the only person by my side was Lou Reed. We were in NYC and they jumped us. There was much blood shed, and in the end 22 Italian gangsters slept with the fishes. We left skinny frank (A giant of a man) a live so he could warn the others not to mess with us.


Alicia said...

Brutal honesty is what I admire about you most.

And, yes, the "beauty of childbirth" is a myth, an urban legend.

Christina said...

You goof. Number six has me smiling from ear to ear.

As for the other five, wow. I love your straightforwardness and the way you paint pictures with words. Thanks for sharing such important moments of your life with us.

Jules said...

I wouldn't tease you about your online romance if it was something to be ashamed of. Well, maybe I still would ;)

#2 is incredibly written. I'm impressed with how much you can say while outlining what you learned from him.

Also, you weren't even alive in 79. And Skinny Frank? He was my brother. So thanks for that.

KJ said...

Dang Alicia for stealing my response! So, I'll pretend I didn't even read hers and tell you this...your total honesty is something I so admire about you. These 5 things are all wonderful in their own way because they are what make you YOU. You kick ass, girl...
Oh, but it was kinda mean of you to bring up the thing with Jules' brother. Ouch.

HomeSlice said...

my fav is the knifefight. next time i'll fight with you. i feel you on many of the things you wrote. it was hard writing, wasn't it??? you did great :-)

jae said...

Mmmm blooooody lemons...

Good entry.

Your blog colors are making me blind.

Sara said...

I've been a big fat chicken in posting this until now. Your honesty has motivated me. Being this open is scary as hell and I am so glad to know things this real about you. You are truly amazing. I will never pick on someone finding love, regardless of how it's found - in fact the story of his buying you the book you didn't want to sell I have told others. Seems so romantic and reassuring.

boob mom said...

Oh holy fuck, do I miss you. Keep blogging, I am reading.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing. Your stories are so vivid.

I love when you talk about travis. The description of that first kiss just made me melt.

Lweeks said...

Your life reads like a movie. Who should play you? It's gotta be somebody hot with perky boobs.

Seriously Manda I was moved by this entry. Really. You already know I met my guy online - nothing to be ashamed of. I can't wait for the sequel - Manda, Travis and Ava walking down the aisle while your friends and family blow kisses and blessings. Love ya girl.