Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures of a crashing toddler.

The picture on my banner is the first in this series. She was running around as a zombie/dinosaur.
Then she stopped. I got my camera because...well, she never stops.


I was puzzled, but much like a documentary film maker. I did not want to disturb the natural progression of my subject.


Something never before seen in our house. A quiet toddler. Curious....


I nudged Travis and said "Oh my god. Are her eyes closed?"


And then she slept.... for 15 minutes. *sigh* Maybe next time I will be able to sleep myself!


Alicia said...

I'm waiting for the day. It hasn't happened with Ellie yet. She's just keeps going.

I love that you caught it on film.

Kate said...

that is the best photo journal ever! She is awesome!

Lisa said...

That's usually how it goes around here. Flying high one minute, crashing the next.

Cathy said...

LMAO!! This is hilarious. Although part of me is secretly thinking you watch way too much National Geographic. She's so cute. I love her post-zombie/dinosaur rosy cheeks.

Sara Sands said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Mine never does that. To see the progression, I never would have guessed. She looked wide awake.