Friday, June 20, 2008

So yeah.....

I say "So Yeah....." (followed by nothing) a lot. (Drives Thomas crazy HAHAHA)

So yeah.....
Ive been thinking a lot about my friends. I miss them.

I miss my "Back home" friends. Jaymee, Wendy, Shauna and especially Pat.
They have seen me through some of the toughest times in my entire life. (Pregnant by a guy who says "How much do you want to get rid of it?"... yeah rough times indeed) But they know the old me. The girl who was totally fun .... errr irresponsible, partying, weed smoking, randomly kissing guys. Im not that anymore though.

My "new" friends. The ones I met online (yes ONLINE! *gasp*) know me better than my other friends.
Cristina, Jae, Cathy, Kristin,Kate, Jules, Jess, Alicia, Chrissi and Lisa.

Its weird. I have spent just a weekend with them (well most of them) but it was like being with a large group of best friends. They understand my weird Mommy worries. (OMG Ava is going to climb up her bed, onto her windowsill, shimmy over to the screen part and fall out the window). Yes its totally irrational and crazy, but they understand!

So here is my plan. We contact Lifetime (television for women) See Meredith Baxter Bearney get beaten with a rod in *rod*. That was strictly for Thomas.
So we are all ladies, so they have to listen to us. We have them move us onto a compound and we can all live there. We can leave to visit family and stuff (Lifetime television for women will pay of course) We can bring our kids and husbands (Or like the sadly unmarried ones, our boyfriends) but there will be a person on hand to watch them at all times.

Sooooo.... Im gonna write them an email. You should too.


jae said...

Awww mad love for you too! It's always hard to keep in touch when there are so many to keep in touch with.

I do the "so yeeeaah..." thing to, or "yeah, soooo..." Either we're retards or everyone else is. I vote for the latter!

Alicia said...

I say "so yeah" too. I thought it was just me.

So could we all agree on where the compound should be? I like warm weather that's not too humid. I'll totally do west coast.

Lisa said...

Compound sounds good to me too.
I agree, west coast is the best place for it, especially if you can get lifetime to pay for all our food and stuff as well.
Will we be on TV? I think that'd make for great TV!

Cathy said...

I totally do the "so yeah..." thing too. I like to keep people in suspense and it gives them a chance to flex their imagination on what I meant to say. I'm all for encouraging creativity.

I miss you too. I know there are a ton of reasons to not keep in touch -- busy schedules, crappy websites and a massive time difference to name a few -- but I'm glad we've still been able to communicate (albeit rarely) in spite of them.

I'm all for the compound idea. Do you think they'll let me take my trainer too? I promise to share him if they do. ;)

Christina said...

I've always had a secret backup plan for when the world goes mad to move my family to a commune in the mountains of Oregon and subsist from farming or e-piracy or some such thing. Little House on the Prairie meets Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash kind of thing. Yes, I'm a hippie at heart. Anyway I think you and the girls would make great compound co-inhabitants. Getting Lifetime to pay for it is the icing on the cake. And yes, I'm on my second beer. So?

Sara Sands said...

So yeah... can I come too? Only, I cannot stand to watch Lifetime, so that won't be a requirement will it?

Homey said...

what a fab idea! so yeah, i totally agree with you! and i have to say that i miss the hell out of you as well. i REALLY do.

SoCalJenni said...

Do we have to work while we are at this compound? Cause if the answer is no then I'm in for sure!

Julia said...

I miss you too :(

That Lifetime compound is my idea of a good time. Most of our conversations will be enough to last a whole first season, but to take it to the next season we'll have to start bringing things on. I volunteer to kiss someone.

Jess said...

I love it when you say "So yeah" it's so you! I miss you and love you too! I am waiting to be picked up and taken to the compound.