Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"I think I was dosed"

This is the first thing Travis said to me when he got in the car yesterday. I said "What?"

Apparently the Hunter S. Thompson book he is reading has some blotter paper stuck to it and his thumb was resting on it. He seems to think it was covered in old acid. Which according to him never really goes away, it just gets weak.

I laughed at him. He didnt think it was funny.

By the way.... he wasnt.


Lisa said...

Haha, but that'd be a good story. And make a lot of people want to go out and buy old books with their hopes up.

Alicia said...

Only in a Hunter Thompson book.

HomeSlice said...

okay that is FUNNY.

and btw, i LOVE the zombie pic of Ava that is your banner. that ROCKS.

cominggoing said...

hehe. Oh Travis.

I would keep him away from Timothy Leary's stuff just in case.